Michiko Urakawa

Principal / Director of World Top Beauty Association Japan Beauty Walking Association Instructor Rose Crusaders Beauty and Wellness Ambassador Diploma Mrs.International Venus Division Finalist Regular member of Japan Animal Protection Association TV appearance in my native city Nagasaki, MC, Miss Universe Nagasaki executive committee I have experienced scouting activities as an entertainment production manager in Tokyo. Going to Ginza and Toei, I perused the scripts of “Kasouken no Onna” and “Aibo”, Teaching the talents, I tried to challenge the audition. Living with four cats and being a regular member of the Japan Animal Protection Association. I will continue to create a society in which women can play an active role equally.I’m going to carry out social contribution activities, too.


Yusuke Kohorida

Institute world top beauty Executive director director and advisor , The world top beauty Top executive creator and 4PLUS Representative. He’s also an Aqua board instructor. Living in Nagasaki city, he’s done an “ICT education “, which is included IT technology recommended by The Ministry of Education. He teaches it to a elementary. junior high and senior high school for teachers and students. His hobbies are Marine sports . He’s one of the aqua board instructor using motorcycle on the sea. Besides, he’s a manufacturer of formal HP of our company. He used to teach a principal Ms. Michiko Urakawa.


Shiori Nakao

She’s a belonging secretary and top director of Ms. Michiko Urakawa, the institute world top beauty’s Principal. She is the Miss universe Japan Niigata finalist and the grand prize of Miss bridal model Hokuriku area area. She is from Toyama Prefecture, 170 centimeters. In her high school days, she had gone to Singapore, Thailand and TaiwanI as a representative of Toyama Prefecture on overseas dispatch business. When she was doing a part-time job in a bakery, she met Ms. Urakawa. At that time she was a university student. Ms. Michiko Urakawa asked her to challenge Miss universe. After graduating from the national university majoring department of law, she worked at the marine transportation enterprise moving around a regular flight to Japan .Russia. After that, she is in charge of guiding people who attend the competition. She is a top director of world top beauty. She is also the same age as a dear daughter of Ms. Michiko Urakawa. They are just like a mother and a daughter.


Kayoko Hara

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture Height 158. Position secretary. Appeared in local commercials and programs Enrolled in an entertainment production company in Fukuoka. Returning home A member of SASEBO Candies, which also serves as a part of Sasebo’s PR activities sing and dance on stage as Show off. As a mother of one child working as a secretary of principal Michiko.