スピーチコンサルティングSpeech Consulting

We will tell the companies, schools and managers how we should tell to the others. For example, as an instructor, we should guide you to do some presentations one by one. Only you can do some expressiveness to the other people through our consultations.

翻訳サポートTranslate Support

English is a universal language. We will translate from Japanese to English (English translation) and from English to Japanese (Japanese translation). We will respond to inquiries such as when you have to submit in English for international business or global contests or if you do not understand the meaning of English.

WEBサイトクリエイティブ―写真補正Website creative-Photo correction

We will make your Website (created by HP) and photos much more Beautiful. Nowadays, the number of searches from personal computers and smartphones is overwhelmingly large. We will respond to your consultations such as making your Homepage or photos much more natural and beautiful.